Social Estate vs Hootsuite vs Buffer For Real Estate Social Media Management

How is Social Estate different from Hootsuite or Buffer?

Like Hootsuite and Buffer, Social Estate allows you to schedule posts to be shared on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). Social Estate, however, has several major advantages over Hootsuite and Buffer.

Category-based Content Library

When Hootsuite and Buffer post to Social Media, your posts are not replenished and new content is not created for you – eventually, your social schedule will run dry and Hootsuite or Buffer will stop posting to your accounts until you manually reschedule new posts.

Social Estate, on the other hand, stores all of your content in a category-based library, where it remains even after its been posted.

Social Estate allows you to organise, manage and build out your content library and customise your social posting schedule based on your specific needs.

Social Estate allows you to add as much content to your library as you like and provides a centralised warehouse for all your testimonials, Marketing messages and team content. Your library also syncs with review sites and your real estate CRM to generate fresh content for you, it’s like magic.


Social Estate stores your content online in a category-based library.

Scheduling Flexibility & Dynamic Content

Both Hootsuite and Social Estate allows you to upload new content and manually schedule it to go out to one or multiple social accounts* at a specific time. Using Hootsuite and Buffer, you have to continuously source or create new content including graphics as well as decide how to execute your social strategy.

Here’s where Social Estate is different.

What if you don’t have the time or expertise to manage a consistent social presence week in week out? What if you go on holiday - how do you keep things running? Because your content library is always up to date with your latest listings, reviews and team information, Social Estate has everything it needs to keep your profiles on track.

You simply tell Social Estate what type of content to post at which times or leave the default schedule in place, and let the automation take over for you. Social Estate also allows you to schedule social updates directly into your social schedule for quick one off posts and add new content to your Content library for use in your broader content marketing strategy.

(Social Estate also has comprehensive Help Docs and a friendly support team readily available if you run into any questions or need help getting set up)



In Hootsuite, you can use the Scheduler to view your scheduled posts, and even choose to view and manually repost selected archived updates.

With Social Estate, this all happens automatically – if/when you run out of new updates in any of your Content Categories, Social Estate will automatically fill your schedule* using industry specific curated content and evergreen content available in your library. If you are part of a large group with existing content, then any gaps in your schedule will be filled with group content specific to your local area. If you have your own blog then content from here will also be used to fill your schedule.

This gives you peace of mind and ensures your content is seen by your audience while also preventing your schedule from running out of relevant updates*. The best part is that you don’t have to remember to do it manually, in fact you can set and forget your social, revisiting only when you have time.

Content Done for You

With many automated post types available, your social schedule is always up to date and fresh, Social Estate will automatically create posts like your weekly OFI’s complete with links, times and contact details. Social Estate monitors your listings and reviews creating branded posts for only your latest sales results and reviews. This is just the tip of the iceberg, we have integrations with HomePrezzo and image libraries like Unsplash and Industry blogs so you’ll never need to source content again.

Why would you want to automate posts, you ask?

The lifecycle of a social media post is short. VERY short in some cases: People spend just one minute a day on Twitter. And Facebook users see only a tiny fraction of the thousands of potential posts sorted by Facebook’s algorithm.

Automating your social media and best content, means it can reach as many fans as possible – while also ensuring that your evergreen content is shared more than once without requiring you to continually write and upload new updates every week.*



Social Estate is all about simplicity – simplicity of design and simplicity of use. The user interface is clean and simple, making for a smooth and easy user experience, no matter your level of expertise. The built-in support for content and automation means you can get more done with much less effort.

This simplicity extends to Social Estate’s pricing, too. Whereas Hootsuite’s pricing plans are a bit complex (you’ll pay different prices depending on what features you’re using, how many updates you’re uploading, etc.), Social Estate’s prices were created to be simple. You get ALL of Social Estate’s features for one price; there are no add-ons or hidden fees involved.


Should I use Hootsuite, Buffer or Social Estate?

So now that you know how Social Estate is different from Hootsuite and Buffer and just how much convenience, time saving and automation is built in, which tool is right for you? Should you use Hootsuite, Buffer or Social Estate to manage your social media?

Hootsuite or Buffer might be right for you if...

  • You prefer to have all* of your social media accounts on your screen at the same time

  • You want to be able to interact with your social feeds right in the app

  • You have time to upload new content/refill your queue frequently

  • You have a large team and need to be able to assign different tasks to different users

Social Estate might be right for you if...

  • You need to mange social for a real estate business with very specific real estate needs

  • You want to get out of the never-ending cycle of writing new updates every day

  • You want to be able to easily repeat your best evergreen content*

  • You want to be able to make better use of the content you have on review sites and in your CRM

  • You want a social media tool that is simple and easy to use – yet gets real results

  • You want a social media tool that anticipates your needs and create content for you

  • You need to manage social for many real estate offices and agents without the complexity and time required to keep on top of hundreds of social profiles.