Your Weekly Social Schedule

We know what works. We create all your posts and and source industry relevant content for you. We provide your social profiles with a consistent and complete posting schedule each week. You can contribute your own material through a rolling content brief or by email.



Clearance Rate or Sales Result


New Listing or Lifestyle



Team Post or Sales Stats



OFI's, Blog or Magazine



Lifestyle or Testimonial


Lead Generation or Local

Auto Boost


Posting great content is essential but if no one sees it, what's the point? Many recent changes to how Facebook shows your posts to your Audience has made advertising essential.

We automatically boost all your most valuable posts to your Smart Audience, maximising your page's reach and ensuring your content is seen by ideal customers.


All Your Networks Supported

We support all major social networks, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. We also support Video and Multi Image posts for Both Instagram & Facebook.


Ready to Go Social Strategy

No need to reinvent the wheel - Social Estate provides you with a proven ready to go social strategy for real estate, that drives traffic to your website and Agent Profile.

real estate branding

Corporate Branding

Make sure you hit the mark every time -We ensure your posts comply with your group's social media guidelines and best practices.

No more PowerPoint templates or D.I.Y social tiles.

personalised real estate content

Personalised Content

Bring your team's sales stats and success to life - We create personalised posts to show off your team successes and achievements.

consistent real estate branding


One of the hardest things when managing your own social presence is being consistent - We make sure everything runs smoothly with daily posts and ensure your schedule is executed to the letter without fail week after week.

real estate lead generation

Drive Traffic for Lead Generation

You need a steady flow of traffic for lead generation - All your sales results, testimonials and listings are automatically promoted for you and link back to your website, not to third party portals or review sites.

targeted real estate messaging

Targeted & Timely

Much more effective than a letterbox drop - The combination of content and targeted advertising provides you with a simple way to get your successes and news out fast, it's also way easier and cheaper than a letterbox drop.

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