Facebook is a cost effective way to reach 1,000's of highly targeted social media users. No other platform gives you so much bang for your buck!


What are my options?

Listing Promotion

We provide two different products for listing promotion each has its distinct advantages, which one you use depends on your goal.

  1. Option one is a low cost Reach campaign designed to hit as many relevant users as possible in the shortest time (Similar to magazine Ad).
  2. Option two focuses on generating highly qualified sales leads over the life of the campaign.

Reach Campaign

Our Reach campaign product allows you to reach a huge number of users quickly and easily. Ad links back to the listing on your website.

This campaign type can be run with budgets ranging from $100 - $300 per month

Case Study

  • $250 Ad budget
  • Reach 80,000
  • Impressions 120,0000

Lead Campaign

Our Lead Ad campaign product allows you to capture a users contact details without them ever leaving Facebook. Form fields are prepopulated by Facebook, with just two clicks a user can submit their details. 

Each lead campaign comes with Automated Marketing which means once a lead has applied they will be emailed the listings brochure and your details. We can also organise to have additional information emailed to leads over the life of the campaign like, inspection times and changes.

Key Features

  • Contact details are emailed to you in real time
  • Personalised email with listing information sent to each lead

Case Study

  • $250/pm Ad budget
  • Reach 1,686
  • Impressions 3,166
  • Cost per lead $5 - $10


Vendor Reports

Each Week you'll be emailed a campaign performance report so you can keep your vendor informed.


B.Y.O Ad Account

It's important to own your Ad data, this is why we give you the option to have your campaigns run through your own Ad account giving you complete control over your campaign and ownership over the data gathered.

Multiple Ad Formats

  • Single image with CTA
  • Multi image Carousel
  • Listing video

Flexible Ad Budgets

Everyone's budget is different, we work with you to determine a budget that works for your situation and needs. You can even increases or decrease budgets as you go.


  • Postcodes
  • Customer Databases
  • Retargeting
  • Quantium targeting available

Expert Advice

You're never alone, we begin with an initial phone consultation to answer questions and provide options. We then define your audience and select and Ad format.

Who's this service for?

If you're a busy agent who just wants results and someone to take care of everything then this for you.

Get yourself in front of 1,000's of local social media users today.