You need to start blogging, but about what?

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not blogging. Blogging is one of the purest forms of social media, but it is currently neglected by so many agents. The biggest issues that agents face when it comes to blogging, is 'what to write about?' Here are some sure fired ways to get you blogging and sharing your opinions.

Start with what you know.

You should be blogging about things that you know well, really well. Start by working general and then become super specific. The best way to look at that is to start with the suburbs you service, and then drill down to the streets that you sell homes in. You may think that people don't really want to know about the streets that you have listings in, but you are wrong. People value hyper-local data more than you can imagine, especially when you can provide insights that no-one else has. Commence blogging about these locations to build your brand up.

Expand to what people, somewhat know.

You know that new cafe that opened up recently that people have heard about but maybe have not been? Blog about it! People value hyper local information, especially from trusted sources. If you can generate your content around topics that are trending, you already know there is a large audience that is keen to hear what you have to say. You should be writing reviews on new amenities that come to your area, such as new cafes, new gyms and other destinations, as these are what people want to know about, but lack a centralised hub of content.

Push further in to providing advice.

Once you have begun generally, you need to start adding value. You should be writing about topics that provides advice for people who are looking at investing in property. Your blog content should ALWAYS be about your target market. There is no point writing blogs about buying your first home, if you are entrenched in an established market where people are spending four or five million dollars per home. You just won't be speaking their language. Find your niche and write content around it.

If you are selling home to people in an established market, ideas such as, 'How to use your superannuation to invest in property' or case studies from established property investors and the key points they look for in making any investment, are good ideas, as they will generate a captive audience and demonstrate you understand their market. 

So, that's great, but now what?

The biggest issues that people have when blogging is finding what to write about, therefore we have put together 10 topics that you as agents, can use to start writing blogs. These are just guides, but they are in incredibly valuable topics that people desperately want to know about.

  • Why (the suburb you service) is set to boom.
  • The 10 best cafes in (the suburb you service)
  • Which streets have the best amenities in (your suburb)
  • What the next 12 months holds for your suburb.
  • The best bargains in your suburb.
  • The core factors that make your suburb appealing.
  • The best hidden treasures no-one knows (in your suburb)
  • What the trend for developments are in your suburb.
  • The things your suburb has (that no other one does)
  • Draw cards and appealing events your suburb puts on.

Commence with writing content around this. It is a good way to build your brand, and the best part is, you can't go wrong. You will underestimate how much you actually know about your suburb, and the value you can provide to locals.