How to Turn Your Newsletter into Social Fuel

Your monthly newsletter shouldn’t be a one time deal you’ve worked hard to create it. In this blog we’re going to look at how to turn your newsletter into a number of personalised posts to help bolster your social media schedule and increases engagement.

Below is fairly typical example of a monthly newsletter, it talks about the current market conditions, it talks about how you can help clients it also mentions local events and news. this tye of Newsletter should be trivial for an agent to create, but how does this help with your social media?


Most of the time you create a newsletter and then you hit send, and wait for the magic to happen, you check your email report and wonder what the numbers really mean.

Why stop theirs? Surely there have to be more ways to get more eyeball on your newsletter and stretch it further. Well, there is.

Look at the newsletter on the left there are 4 paragraphs, paragraphs generally relater to separate topics or points.

Take each of these paragraph’s and use each one as the basis for a new caption in a social post. You’ll want to also provide a link in the caption that points to an online version of your newsletter, its the link in your newsletter that normally reads “View online“ or “No Images? Click Here“ try it, the link will show your email in a web browser.

Now that you have a base for your post captions and a link to send people to your almost set to create the perfect social post. All you need now is an image for this we recommend a product called Unsplash it’s a royalty-free images library that allows you to download and collect images. Go to Unsplash and find an image that compliments each of the points your captions discusses.

Social Estate integrates with Unsplash so all your image collections can be used to create content, there are also many more advanced features to help make content creation easier. More information here.

Post Example

Booming Property Sales - That’s what we’ve been waiting to see and now with Spring in full bloom we can confirm there a huge turnaround across Melbourne.



Post Break Down

The above post has three parts, we’ve super summarised the paragraph and created a level of interest to encourage curious readers to follow the link. We’ve kept the comment on topic and straight to the point, we’ve also added a a short link to take reader to the main newsletter, the emoji grabs the eye.

Social Estate - 3 Platforms in One

Social Estate brings together three key pillars to provide a simple all in one solution to content marketing and digital advertising for real estate.

  1. Automated Content (Posts are created for you)

  2. Social Publishing (Posts are published to Facebook, Instagram… automatically)

  3. Programmatic Advertising (Ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google...)

By combining content, publishing and advertising into one platform Social Estate allows you to envelop your prospects in a content bubble, keeping your message in front of them at all times. As new content is created it’s automatically scheduled and published to your social profiles and Boosted to highly targeted Ad audiences. V.P.A and other one-off Ad campaigns can also be easily created from any content in your account.

Key Benefits of Social Estate

  • B.Y.O Ad accounts, 100% audit able and transparent Ad delivery (You can see behind the curtain)

  • Simple transparent monthly pricing no hidden fees or commissions (You pay for the tool nothing else)

  • All in one platform to streamline and coordinate content, social publishing and Ad delivery (Fewer systems to stitch together)

  • Personalised, localised and targeted content delivery (Posts reflect the local area and demographic)

  • Auto Boost social posts to targeted audiences (Promote top performing content)

  • Flexible Ad types for V.P.A, Agent Profiles, Testimonial, Awareness, Video, Carousel, Single Image (Every available Ad type and format is supported)

  • Central content library for group assets and accessible to all (no more shared folders and emailing files to offices)

  • Group branding and customisable social tiles/templates (extend your offline branding to your online marketing)

  • Industry-relevant curated content (articles on interior design and investment sourced for you)

  • Custom social publishing schedule (You can configure things to be the way you want it)

  • Centralised account administration and reporting (manage any account or help and office fix something)

  • Individual office/agent billing(The office/agent pays for their Ad spend and Boosts)

  • Ad audiences sync with CRM contacts and website visitors for retargeting (CRM integration for listings and contacts)

  • Supports many integrations to bring more of your content into your marketing mix (reduces double handling)

How it Works

Automated Content

One of the most time-consuming tasks is creating content, Social Estate creates and sources fresh relevant content for you daily.

Social Estate monitors your online profiles, CRM, blog and many other sources to make sure all your latest reviews, listings and sales results are always available.

Social Estate creates data-driven info-graphics from your data and industry statistics

Social Estate turns your newsletter into personalised social posts

All content includes group branding, contact information and links back to your website

Social Estate curates industry-relevant content from leading industry blogs for you complete with captions.

Social Publishing

Preparing a social schedule can be time-consuming and hard to maintain long term. Each week Social Estate creates a unique and localised social schedule for you, you can add to it and edit as you need or do nothing at all.

Head office defines a schedule and Social Estate fills it from the office/agents available content.

The content used in each schedule comes from the office or agents own online profiles, website, newsletter, curated content and CRM.

All posts are accompanied by branded graphics and back link to the group or office website.

Offices and agents can review their weekly schedule, edit, add to, remove items or do nothing at all.

Supported Social Channels

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • Google My Business

Programmatic Advertising

Managing and creating Ads for all the available placements across multiple Ad networks can be a very complex process, Social Estate simplifies this process down to a couple of clicks.

Social Estate allows you to easily create targeted Ad campaigns from the content, this includes your listings(V.P.A), sales results, reviews/testimonials and agent profiles.

Social Estate builds and updates your re-targeting and lookalike audiences, so every lead and site visitor can be re-marketed to.

Campaign performance can be tracked and monitored from your account dashboard and shared via email.

Supported Ad Networks

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Google


What percentage of my Ad campaigns budget is actually used to promote my Ad? 100% of the budget goes to your Ad, we don't charge a commission on placing Ads, unlike many others.

Where will my Ad be shown? Facebook and Google have extensive ad networks, your Ads may be shown in Messenger, Gmail, Facebook itself or on many other websites that make up the display network for both providers.

What Ad formats do you support? We support all major formats like a single image, carousel and video.

Can I access my Ad account data for additional marketing activities? Yes, you own the Ad accounts and can see exactly what's happening behind the scenes, you can even have an independent Ad Agency audit your account and suggests improvements.

Can I request something is posted to my social profiles? Yes, any time, just email us.

I don’t have a social presence or any social media accounts? Don't stress we can create branded accounts for you.

How many posts will I actually get per network? As a guide, we post once a day to Facebook and Instagram

What do you post? We create posts from your existing information and a mix of lifestyle and complementary material.

Where do you get the content for the posts? Our team are constantly researching relevant content for your profiles.

Will you build followers/fans for my social media channel? Yes, we also offer add-ons if you really want to grow.

Is there any lock-in contract? There is a minimum 6 month service period for all new accounts

How long until I see results? We recommend you hang in there for at least 3 months, but you will see results in the first month.movements

Avoiding common social media marketing mistakes

Social media has become a very pervasive force in digital marketing and many real estate agents have embraced it in order to stay relevant in a very competitive market.

But just like new rules in a game, a lot of the players are struggling with new processes and are committing mistakes left and right. These challenges have not just affected real estate agents, but have also affected businesses in general.

In order to avoid committing the same mistakes, it is important for online marketers and real estate agents to review and understand the process, that way they can assume all possible scenarios and respond accordingly.

One man army

Just because they frequently use social media to post, view, like, and share content across different social media platforms, real estate agents think that they do social media marketing campaigns on their own.

They start setting up their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts without planning or considering the need to establish goals for their social media marketing campaigns.

The results of their marketing campaign is a good as anybody’s guess and they end up abandoning their social media campaigns. When this happens, it can be a big blow to their careers as it sends out a message that you failed.

Unless you determine your objectives, goals, and target audience, you will undoubtedly struggle to make sense of your campaign, especially when you are aiming for brand awareness and develop professional relationships with your potential clients.

Know when to push

Social media marketing is not just about selling, but it is also about building and strengthening your brand. One of the biggest mistakes real estate agents make on social media is that they limit their content by pushing only their listings and nothing else.

They do not realise that people go to social media for “social” matters and looking to buy a house is not their primary concern. People would know how to use online resources when searching for options to buy a house, not via social media.

Social media marketing is about developing an online identity and building your brand by using great content, courtesy, and responsive communication.

Understand how social platforms work

Creating a social media account is relatively easy, but in order to take advantage of the platform for social media and digital marketing, you need to understand how it works.

Without proper knowledge about how to effectively manage and navigate through the marketing resources of social platforms, you could end up not getting the results you need or expect.

Using your social site poorly could end up not just losing your networking and lead-generation opportunities, but you could get a bad reputation for failing at your marketing campaigns.

Every person counts

The value of a person is as vital as any of your contacts, friends, and social network. Social media etiquette is vital to growing your brand and establishing your online identity. Make every person count and show your support for their content and share it across your network when you find it helpful and informative.

Content is key

While having great content works best for your social media sites, using it accordingly and ensuring that you have high-quality content makes it more meaningful for others to share in their networks.

Make sure to create your original content, as it could also help in building your credibility and authority in the real estate industry. This will also help you build your extended social networks and a trustworthy reputation within those networks.

Do not limit your creative imagination and since social media has become dynamic, you can take advantage of video, audio, and animation other than written content to make it appeal to more online audiences.

Social Estate – Dead Simple Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Social Estate is an incredibly powerful digital marketing platform. Some real estate teams are even using Social Estate to sell properties before listing on the portals, saving their vendors thousands of dollars in V.P.A! We’re simplifying and revolutionising social and digital marketing for the real estate industry.

It’s no longer enough to just upload a listing to the portals, after all, it doesn’t take long for your listing gets pushed way down the page and before you know it it’s on page 3 of a users search results. Letterbox drops and local newsletters seem out of date in a digital world, still effective in some cases but how many of those do you think to end up in the bin? So many lost opportunities.

Digital advertising with Facebook and Google in compassion is targeted and allows you to showcase a property to up to 80% of the people in any given location. Social Ads also expose your listings and posts to people who may not even be actively looking but are still good candidates for a property or your services.

All this may sound complicated and it can be, Social Estate will save you from the time-consuming task of creating ads, for all the various networks and form making costly mistakes, with Social estate you know your Ad and social is being managed correctly and is in the hands s of experts who monitor your Ads and social posts performance, as new products and features become available you can be sure your campaigns are always up to date and performing optimally.

Our goal was to help you take care of your online advertising in minutes, not hours and automate repetitive tasks and bring expert knowledge into every campaign you run, lowering costs and skyrocketing results. We make it simple to publish dozens of eye-catching, ads to multiple networks – Facebook, Instagram and soon the Google Display Network with a single click

Social Estate, helps you streamline Ad creation for listings, testimonials, sales results and social media posts, boosting your agency and your personal brand within your local area by harnessing the power of advanced Advertising networks. Every campaign and social post is specifically optimised to maximise performance.

How it works

First you choose what you want to advertise, a listings, testimonial or agent profile, Social Estate will then create an Ad campaign, set the right audience, you can then tweak the campaign or audience to pinpoint the most valuable customers with Social Estate’s real-estate specific audience segments: first home buyers, investors, upgrades people similar to contacts in your database and more. You can even pinpoint people who speak specific languages or target additional suburbs.

Click submit and Social Estate will create Ad variations for each network, each designed for a highly targeted audience of local buyers and sellers, It’s that easy!


Once someone has seen your ad, Social Estate will re-target them with a different Ad to recapture their attention. Say, you’re targeting investors. The first Ad a potential buyer sees might feature the property itself. The next ad might show them the low-maintenance garden.


Over the course of each campaign, Social Estate’s Ad performance continues to learn and evolve to show the Ads that are generating the best results, putting your remaining budget into the Ad that is providing the greatest RIO, we’re all about saving your time and money.

Performance Reporting

After running a campaign, you can provide sellers with access to real-time reports that show how the campaign has performed. It’s a great way to let vendors know you’re getting the absolute most out of their marketing spend, and make a solid case for an increased spend when needed. It’s also a powerful listing tool to wow potential sellers.

Social Estate vs Hootsuite vs Buffer For Real Estate Social Media Management

Social Estate vs Hootsuite vs Buffer For Real Estate Social Media Management

You simply tell Social Estate what type of content to post at which times or leave the default schedule in place, and let the automation take over for you. Social Estate also allows you to schedule social updates directly into your social schedule for quick one off posts and add new content to your Content library for use in your broader content marketing strategy.

Foolproof Basic D.I.Y Video for Real Estate

A D.I.Y video is a great way to create valuable engaging content cheaply and easily, all you need is an iPhone and a tripod. Another key reason for creating video is that nearly all social networks give it preferential treatment, meaning you reach more of your audience more often.

We’ve put this guide together to help you get off to a flying start and have you producing your first video almost immediately.


Here are a few examples of what can be achieved with little or no expertise, this is exactly what you’ll be able to create yourself.

Film School

Now that you’ve seen what others are doing you can see how easy it is.

The two videos below will help you gain an understanding of some key video concepts and how to use composition to create great videos.



Planning Your Video

Keep it simple - prepare the area you're filming, remove obstacles and objects that detract from the property. Use your last open of the day as your location if possible and shoot in the room with the most to offer.

  1. Always put your iPhone or camera on a tripod - this essential for good results and allows you to record solo
  2. Plan your composition, this is the difference between a good and bad video
  3. If you're moving around always move the camera slowly
  4. Always stay close to camera unless using a microphone

  5. Place a white board at the base of tripod facing you with a bullet point list of the points you'll cover
    • New listings
    • Recent sales
    • Parties through
    • Bidders at auction
    • Offers received
  6. When it's time to record don't rush, start recording and then count in your start 1,2,3 go on three - It’s OK to let the video record for a bit before you start, you can easily trim the beginning later on your phone.
  7. Don't be worried about doing more than one take if things get off track.

Creating a Weekly Market Wrap Video

A weekly market wrap is an easy video to create and it should be a simple exercise for most agents as you're likely already running through the script multiple times a week. Having said that you’ll want to practice this routine a few times until your conformable.

Where should I shoot my video? Anywhere, it could be on location at your last open for the week or from a meeting room.

The Process

Introduce the property you're filming from, or the first one on your list if filming from your office. Go into a little more detail with the first property.

Points to cover

  1. Location
  2. Features
  3. Buyer interest
  4. You know what to do...

Talk briefly about each point on your list, keep it short for all items except the first one, stick to the facts.

Once you have completed the list sign off with something like

  • Looking forward to seeing you at our opens
  • If you have any questions about properties in this video message me or leave a comment

Pro Tip

You can sit or stand during your video but don't alternate. Mix it up from week to week, one week stand and the next week sit.

That's it, basic right. Once you've created a few videos you’ll start to see many other opportunities for video as part of your social presence. All the point in this guide can be easily adapted to many different scenarios.