Why we are about to put your Instagram account on steroids

Instagram is your most underutilised platform, plain and simple. It is one of the most rapidly growing platforms, and unlike the other social platforms, easily syndicates content to the other social sites without needing any visual change. When you send out a tweet, it doesn't look great on Facebook and can’t be viewed on Twitter, when you send out a Facebook post, it gets truncated at 140 characters on Twitter and can’t be sent out to Facebook.


Use Instagram as your primary platform.

To commence in building your strategy we will focus on two things: Your audience and your content. There is no point having great content but not targeting the right audience or having content that is average and sending it to the people you want to engage. Therefore, after a market analysis, we will be able to target your ideal user base, and give them content they want.

What will this do?

  • Generate repeat contact, making you sit at the top of the consumers mind
  • Build your brand, you will be personally attached to every photo posts, they will think of you when they see the content.
  • Start conversations, Instagram easily allows tagging and social discussions on posts.

So what next?

To get started we need to know who your audience is, and what content you have access to that is personal and relevant to your brand. Once we know this, we will develop a strategy based around attracting your ideal users and making sure the posts go out at the time they are likely to use the channel. We will also do this, whilst staying in conversations that you NEED to know about. There are conversations on Instagram about anything and everything in your local area. It’s our job to get you apart of these conversations, provide an opinion, and offer a solution if it is anything property related.