D.I.Y basic social media setup

In the online world content is king and when done write it works for your around the clock, attracting new clients and reinforcing you as a trusted source of information.

Images speak a thousand words and are easily the most engaging type of content, so use them wherever possible.

The golden rule in social media is 80/20, 80% of your content should be about lifestyle and general interest pieces and 20% about you and your product. This keeps your posts interesting and engaging.

When you post don't be afraid to use some personality to differentiate your brand allow it to cut through, remember posts should be quick, simple and light hearted.

Use content to engage with your audience, ask questions about new listings, to encourage comments. Show people you're listening to their opinions or concerns by responding to comments. Add to the conversation with relevant local knowledge and domain expertise. A little personal attention goes a long way with people.


Hashtags are now used in a number of social networks, they are really just a way to group conversations and content. By adding a Hashtags to your content you allow people searching one or more Hastags to discover your content, this dramatically increases the reach of your post. Just look at what other agents are doing start off by using the same the same relevant Hashtags in your posts.

How to Use Facebook

Facebook is give you access to people personal networks of friends and family. This makes it an ideal place to promote your brand and access these networks. Think about your existing  customers and vendors they all become avenues to put you in front of new customers, by being referred to them by a friend your cred instantly goes up and barriers come down.

Just head to facebook.com sign in and create new Facebook page don't use your existing personal profile please keep work and pleasure separate. Plus there's more business centric tools for business pages like contests and insights.

Once you have a page setup, share it with everyone and anyone, think of it as a business card.

How to use twitter

Twitter is the pulse of social, Twitter restricts every post to 140 characters to keep things short and sweet. Virtually anything goes on twitter and its a great tool for B2B communication as well as getting involved in pop culture.

to get started go to twitter.com and signup for a new account if you don't have one, you can use any username you like to don't worry about the name to much its the content and byline that tell the world what your about.

Once you have your account setup, share it with everyone and anyone, think of it as a business card. Start following people in your industry look at what they're posting, over time the number of followers will grow, subscribe to our newsletter to receive weekly tips tricks.

Getting noticed

Twitter mentions are a way post to another user by using their twitter username (handle), each time you mention someone they will be notified that they have been mentioned. This is a great way to get noticed or introduce yourself to other twitter users. Hashtags are really just a way to group conversations and content, by adding a Hashtag you allow your content to be search for by the specific tag.This dramatically increases the chances of your content being seen.

Post ideas

  • Post about what you know, your territory
  • Post and share information about local events
  • Post and share links to your listings
  • Promote seasonal information about the market
  • Interact with passive vendors by letting people know when prime selling times are approaching.
  • Let people know what's in demand what buyers are after, the list just goes on.

This is just two of many social networks, there is just so much that can be done with social to help you sell and win more listings and put you ahead of the competition.