The primary purpose of the social channels: Social 101


Why do social?

  • There are just under 14,000,000 active Facebook Users
  • There are 4,000,000 active Instagram users
  • There are 3,300,000 active users on LinkedIn
  • There are 2,800,000 active users on Twitter

In the last month alone, there were almost 60 million unique visits in Australia to social content. (Source,

Who ever your audience is, they are out there, looking for content, wanting to find things to engage on, and every day you don't engage with them, is another day wasted.

A lot of people get confused when it comes to social media and the requirements to keep the channel running successfully. Whilst there are challenger brands, when starting your social presence it’s important to work on building a strong brand on fewer rather than more social streams. It is not possible to state enough, you are better off being strong on one channel, than mediocre on three.

So what are the channels and how do you use them?


This is a hidden gold mine, more so for the SEO attributed content that exists that a lot of people seem to miss. Many people look at instagram as a place to just post photos and like them. Instagram should be used as a search engine, and you should be constantly updating on the new content in your relevant searches. You need to drill down who your audience is and the places they would likely go, and the hashtags they would likely use. Start by focusing on broader ones, and drill down to specialised ones. Find ones where you can offer your services e.g #bondihome will return 55 posts. These are hyperlocal posts and relevant to a specific market. Start with your market.


Twitter is all about syndication and branching out to other portals. Your goal is not to keep people on your twitter feed, but to provide a short and sharp enough tweet that entices them to want to do more. The biggest mistake people leave off their tweets is providing a call to action. You are better off with tweets that are short and describe where the content will lead, than making them guess. Tweets such as “Finding a new school can be hard when moving, here is how to make it easy. (insert link) primes the reader to know exactly what they will get. Whilst you can tweet other content, the idea is to bring them to your primary page and build SEO and engagement on your content (have them comment on your blogs etc)


Facebook is more so about conversations and generating discussions. Facebook has a built in mechanism to allow comments and engagement on posts quite easily. Every post should have a call to action and ask the user something or spark their curiosity. Posts that just state “read this” doesn't entice them, the post needs to make the reader think about the topic and want to know more. Focusing on relevant content to their market is incredibly valuable as well. If you are an agent in Hawthorn, Victoria for example, doing a featured post on a weird or wonderful home and what makes it unique will get engagement. Make sure you leave some element of curiosity to the reader on the post so they have to click more to find out. 


You should constantly update and maintain a blog, and there should be some form of theme behind it. Using a specific theme primes your audience to know what to expect, and this provides content for you to syndicate through your email marketing. Your blogs should focus on the following topics:

  • Market Updates
  • New places in the neighbourhood
  • Recent property prices
  • New Listings
  • Featured profiles on places in the area

Social is all about engagement, people are putting content out there, not expecting you to engage on it. But if you do:

  • You build your brand
  • Start conversations
  • Build rapport
  • Demonstrate knowledge
  • Increase your presence

So what are you waiting for?  Let us start helping you build your brand today. Enquire here so we can have a chat and build a strategy for you. 

  • You build your brand
  • Start conversations
  • Build rapport
  • Demonstrate knowledge
  • Increase your presence

So what are you waiting for?