Must have social hack for Instagram

Instagram is smashing it at the moment, its one of the hottest social networks right now and it's the perfect place for Agents! Why because Images are the number one driver of views and engagement followed by video, which we will cover in another hack.

The hack

I'm surprised at how few people are aware of the ability to link multiple social accounts to one another, effectively allowing you to post to multiple networks simultaneously.

The dirty work

For this hack were going to link our Twitter and Facebook accounts to our Instagram account. Lets start by linking Facebook and then setting one of our Facebook pages as the destination for posts. If you don't have a Facebook page please set one up now, it only take a minute and is a great place to start with social, hears a tutorial if you need help

Link Instagram to Facebook 

  1. Launch the Instagram app on your phone
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the bottom navigation on the far right.
  3. Tap on the Settings icon in the upper right hand corner, the big gear.
  4. Scroll down to "Settings" and select linked accounts.
  5. Tap on Facebook from the list, it will ask you to authorise Instagram if you have Facebook already installed on your phone otherwise you will need to enter your username and password.
  6. Tap on Facebook again and then select "Share to", this shows you all the options for sharing Instagram post. You can select your timeline or one of your Facebook pages, select the page you want to post too.

link Instagram to Twitter

Next we will link our twitter account. If you don't have one please set one up now it only take a minute and is a great place to connect and get discovered.

Connecting your twitter account is the same process as steps 1-6 above.

Boom! look at you go. Now we've allowed your Instagram post to be shared to one or more of your social networks. Why is this important? It's like this, everyone just expects to see everything everywhere and we all prefer one network over another, so from a marketing perspective you need to be everywhere all the time and this little hack makes that super easy.

Now what?

OK cool I've got my accounts linked now what? Lets talk Hashtags the glue of social. Before we start posting stuff lets plan it out, select a few Hashtags that are highly relevant to your audience and store them in your notes app on your phone. One word on these bad boys, make sure there hashtags that people actually use, don't just make every key word a hashtag or try to be smart and create your own unique Hashtags unless you're in the million plus follower club. To get the write tags I use a tool called ritetag, it works out which Hashtags are being used and not overused, it also gives some analytics so you're not flying blind, remember data is your friend. 

Example of some good Hashtags

Look them up in ritetag you'll see which ones are good, bad and ugly.

  • #melbre
  • #realsesteau
  • #bayswater

Adding Hashtags to your posts

Some people like to use a tone of them, whilst this does get the word out it doesn't play nice across networks and casts the net to wide, who cares if Bruno from Brazil likes the vase in one of my listings I want local viewers, sorry Bruno. 
Place your Hashtags at the end of your comment, remember the notes app this is where you open the note and copy paste your hashtags to the end of your comment. 

Oh in case you're wondering links don't work on Instagram so make sure your profile has your site address or at least links to either your Facebook page or Twitter profile.

Stunning example of modern Architecture, worth a look if ur in the area 22 Summer St #southyarra #melbre #openinspection

Wow that was a lot, now what?

Next time you arrive at the property just before inspection, take some shots of the property before you open up and post them to Instagram. keep it short so the entire message can be carried across all networks, remember the 140 limit on twitter that's your weakest link.

Content Inspiration

If buyers are constantly asking, does it have this, what about that, what's this like, get some pics and post them tag the buyer if you can. Alternatively you can email or text the buyer a link to the post, this way you not only get the chance to promote your profile but may even pick up a follower, bonus! 
Remember there's nothing wrong with shameless self promotion, when fielding questions let buyers know about your Instagram account, tell them you'll be updating it regularly with pics of all your listing. Let them know you take requests and encourage comments questions on social. If you're lucky you can pull a few extra followers. Remember

Every river begins as drops of water.

Pro tips

  1. So you have a tonne of pics how can I create something special, use an app like Photo Grid to create a cool looking group of photos.
  2. Create a unique Hashtag specifically for each listing, I know I said not to do this but sometimes it makes sense. This way every post for the property can be tied together across networks and allows your to create a narrative around the listing. 
  3. Post pics that promote the area the listings is in over the campaign, this shows buyers what's on offer beyond the property. Throw in some pics of cafes, restaurants, beaches, sporting events anything that sells. 


  1. Link social accounts
  2. Have hashtags ready in notes app
  3. Take the pics people want/request
  4. Try out the pro tips