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86% of buyers use online as their main tool to
research a real estate agent or a property.

Join 1000's of Real Estate Agents using social to build their brands.

Managed Facebook Advertising

Sometimes you just need to get your message out to the right people fast. We manage all your Facebook Ad's and promoted posts for you, ensuring their setup correctly and that you stay within your budget.

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We create POSTS for you

A personal touch means a lot, each week we create personalised posts from your listings, sales results, testimonials and marketing messages.

We make sure everything runs smoothly

The devil is in the detail, each network has different requirements, hashtags, image sizes and it's always changing. Not your problem anymore.

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We post to all your social networks

Time is money, we make sure your information goes out to all your profiles the right way, you’ll never need to publish another post again.

Engage with multimedia

An image or video tells a thousand words, we support a wide range of post formats to ensure your content looks its best and engages with your audience.

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Need something added ASAP?

Social is about real time communication, we provide email support with a 24 hr turnaround nothings to much trouble **professional

Entertain and educate your audience.

Variety is the spice of life, we carefully curate content to entertain and inform your audience, there's always something different and amazing to keep people coming back.

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Social Media is the number #1 marketing avenue
for small business.