Landmark Harcourt’s Wodonga. Craig Huckel - Principal

One of my main concerns was lack of knowledge, I didn’t fully understand or appreciate how effective the social media tool would be. Going along with that was the cost, outsourcing this has always been an issue as adding another cost to an already tight budget.

The biggest surprise has been the feedback we are receiving from the staff & friends asking me how I was getting all this social media done.

I am extremely happy with the consistency & content, plus the ability for us to add local content at any time & that Michael is keen on working with us to get this sorted in a format that works for both parties.

Instagram has blown me away, every time I turn my phone on I find I have another person following me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Michael & social estate. The regularity, consistency & useful posts that are being done are really attracting more & more audience, we only need to look at our post reaches & we are achieving much better No’s than we were previously. The service is professional which is then portrayed through our social media, which reflects in a very good way for us.

I’m glad I finally took the plunge & couldn’t be happier with the results to date.

Really appreciate your support.

Craig Huckel
Principal Landmark Harcourt’s Wodonga

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