Real Estate Marketing just got and upgrade! Watch this space.

Join 1000's of Real Estate Agents using social to build their brands.

Managed Facebook Advertising

Sometimes you just need to get your message out to the right people fast. We manage all your Facebook Ad's and promoted posts for you, ensuring their setup correctly and that you stay within your budget.

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We create POSTS for you

A personal touch means a lot, each week we create personalised posts from your listings, sales results, testimonials and marketing messages.

We make sure everything runs smoothly

The devil is in the detail, each network has different requirements, hashtags, image sizes and it's always changing. Not your problem anymore.

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We post to all your social networks

Time is money, we make sure your information goes out to all your profiles the right way, you’ll never need to publish another post again.

Engage with multimedia

An image or video tells a thousand words, we support a wide range of post formats to ensure your content looks its best and engages with your audience.

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Need something added ASAP?

Social is about real time communication, we provide email support with a 24 hr turnaround nothings to much trouble **professional

Entertain and educate your audience.

Variety is the spice of life, we carefully curate content to entertain and inform your audience, there's always something different and amazing to keep people coming back.

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Social Media is the number #1 marketing avenue
for small business.

How it Works

Your Content

Complete a short questionnaire each week to create awesome unique content.

Our Strategy

A Social Media strategy for Real Estate that works.


Zero Time Required

We take care of everything freeing up your time.

86% of potential buyers use online as their main tool to
search for property.


It couldn't be simpler. Answer a few basic questions, pay one low monthly fee, and we do the rest. No more time wasted working out what you need and how to use it.

No more forgetting to update profiles or respond to questions and comments.

We send you a basic questionnaire each week so you don't have to think about content.


Habits have changed. The average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing these networks every day, accounting for 28% of the total time spent on the internet.

Social networks are a mainstay of digital marketing today and are the preferred way for busy consumers to receive new information. This in itself should make a professional social media presence an essential part of your business's overall marketing strategy.

Social Estate gives you everything you need to present a professional and complete social presence. Think back to when websites were the new way to promote you or your business, now you can't imagine business without it.  But unlike your website, Social Networks ie Facebook come with traffic built in and immediate access and exposure to 1000’s of local users who you could be connecting with.

How much is your time worth?

We recognise most real estate agents don’t want to be distracted from doing what they do best – selling and managing property. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had the hassle taken out of content creation, advertising and social media management? If you’re spending hours searching for things to post, working out when, where and how to present it. Chances are you’re wasting precious time. If you’re spending very little time on it, you won't be consistent enough to engage with your audience in any meaningful way.

Our promise

All content created is unique, relevant and specific to your market. We constantly monitor your social accounts ensuring everything is running smoothly. We craft every post and comment to ensure its social reach is maximised.

What we do that you can’t?

In a word “lots”!  Like anything on the surface, it looks simple, but dig deeper and you find the devil is in the detail. Hashtags, Keywords, Graphics, Copy Writing, Technology and consistency - these are all the expertise that you need to present a professional social media presence.

Drive traffic to your website

Many social media tools on the market drive your audience away from your website or agent profile, WHY? We're different! We know that social is about building your brand and generating more leads. We ensure that every listing, sales results and review or testimonial sends traffic back to your Website or Agent Profile and not the portals or review sites.


Agents who are active within social networks dramatically increase their online visibility and credibility.


Everything in One Place

Content, Promotion & Reporting

For Agents, Teams, Offices & Groups


Drive $1000's of High quality traffic to your website

Sales Results & Listings

We sync all your latest listings with your website ready for you to prioritise


We update you whenever a new review is published online so you can prioritise it

Custom Content

Submit a task and our team will turn it into a ready to go post complete with caption and graphic

Curated Content

We constantly source new articles and images and ready them for use in your social schedules

Content Profile

Define your audience's unique content preferences from a number of categories and styles

Team Content

Manage all your teams content and prioritise key items

RSS Feeds

Easily add your favourite RSS feeds, every time a new item is published it's automatically added to your content library

Group Content

Make content libraries available to everyone in your group

Post Formats

Fight creative fatigue with a diverse range of post formats, video, image, link and carousel


Scheduling & Publishing

Schedules are a thing of the past, whether you have 1 or 100 profiles our intelligent algorithms generate your schedule for you.

Content Libraries

Author and manage all your business content in one place, create multiple libraries for residential, rural and commercial

Content Tagging

Easily tag content based on style and location to ensure the right content is delivered to the right profile every time

Style Guides

We already support style guides and branded social tiles for many of the large names already, simply select your franchise and you're good to go. If your franchise is not already supported you can easily define your own.


Auto Promote

Key posts can be automatically promoted to ensure your content gets the attention it deserves

Vendor Paid 

With just two clicks you can have your latest listing in front of 1000's

Flexible Ad Budgets

Increases or decrease your advertising budgets at anytime

Advanced Targeting

Access to partner data sets like Quantium

Custom Audiences

Our team of marketing experts create, optimise and maintain your audiences for you

Dynamic Audiences

Connect your CRM, Pixel or provide static data files to create highly targeted audiences

Promotion Management

Control all your Ads and create new ones with a single click, or turn on Auto promote and never look back.


Performance reports emailed weekly, monitor your Ads performance from your dashboard


List Once

Full support for the ListOnce API, power your dashboard and audiences

Property Hub

Full support for the PropertyHub API, power your dashboard and audiences



Custom Integrations

To discuss a custom integration or support for something not available please contact us at [email protected]

CRM Integration

We integrate with a number of leading CRM's through our integration partners

Sites We Support

Online reviews

We support reviews gathered by both rate my agent and real satisfied. Our team monitors your online profiles and alerts you to any new reviews so that you can prioritise the most important.


Group Magazines

We support group magazines published through ISSUU



We support and work with a number of leading lifestyle and property blogs to bring you the best localised content available

Property Data

We use your property data to enhance and fuel your profiles content


Easy Setup

Our team are here to help, whether you're an individual agent or national franchise, we can get you up and running quickly and easily.


Our team are always available on email, messenger or schedule a call for a Q&A or strategy session.


Q. Do links go to my website?
A. Yes, all links point back to your website or agent profile

Q. Where does the curated content come from?
A. All content is organic and links back to its original source, exactly the same as if you did a google search.

Q. Will you help us get setup?
A. Yes we will, from implementing your style guide to building custom templates our team can take care of everything.


Pricing starts from as little as $149 a month, that's incredible value!