Social Media Advertising

Facebook Ads allow you to reach your local audience with unparalleled accuracy. You'll be amazed at just how targeted your audience can be. Compared to other forms of paid advertising, Facebook advertising is not only extremely effective, it’s incredibly good value for money.

We offer a range of advertising packages and customisable advertising options to cater for anything you want to achieve. If you don’t see something you're looking for just email us and one of our account managers will be in touch to discuss how we can help you or simply Facebook message us at

Customisable Advertising Options

Lead Ad

Capture highly targeted leads directly on Facebook.

Lead Ads allow you, as an Agent, to be highly visible on Facebook and provide a friction free opt-in by the lead.


Promote offers to your existing customers or site visitors.

One of the most requested advertising options is being able to advertise directly to an existing database of contacts. With a Retargeting Campaign, we can ensure your Ads are only shown to existing contacts or those who have visited your website. We get a lot of requests to provide this type of product to reach Landlords.

Landing Page

Have complete control over how your offer is presented.

Landing pages are a great way to showcase yourself as an Agent, in a direct and attention grabbing way and allowing you to ultimately gather the lead’s contact information.

Promoted Posts

Promote an Offer or Drive Traffic to Your Website.

Promoted Posts look a lot like a regular Facebook post and are a great way to raise local awareness and drive traffic to your website.


A quick and easy way to reach a larger audience

Boosting is a great way get your posts out to a larger local audience. Most clients tend to boost their posts themselves as it can be done directly within Facebook and it’s fairly straightforward, but if you're short on time we can do it for you.

Retargeting & Tracking Pixels

Tracking pixels record information on your site visitors which allows you to retarget them with Ads. By focusing on people who are the most engaged with your brand you'll improve conversions ultimately saving you time and money.

Advertising FAQ’s

Q. Can I re-run an Ad?

A. Yes, Ad campaigns can be re-run time and time again, we only charge you a percentage of the Ad spend for management.

Q. Who will see the Ad?

A. The Ads will be shown to Facebook users on both mobile and desktop.

Q. Can I decide which audience the Ads are delivered to?

A. Yes we can adjusts Ad targeting on things like

  • Income

  • Interests

  • Geographic location