ELK Elsternwick Apartments


ELK Elsternwick Apartments was a new development not yet under contraction, they required an alternative approach to their existing lead generation provider due to poor lead quality and high cost.


Social Estate provided ELK with a high converting Ad product provided by Facebook which allowed leads to convert directly on Facebook from the Ad itself, no landing pages required.

This provided a frictionless process that allowed users to provide their contact details with two button clicks. 

Ad targeting was enhanced through leveraging their existing contacts database to provide profile matching of potential Facebook user. In addition to this detailed demographic targeting was applied to hone in on high potential users who met financial and investment criteria.


ELK was able to generate a steady flow of  highly qualified sales ready leads complete with email and phone number. Feedback from the sales teams was that leads were of significantly higher quality than what had been provided previously.

Website: http://elkapartments.com.au/


Campaign Budget - 1k

Cost Per Lead - $12


Strathfield Partners


Strathfield partners is one of the largest independent agencies in the country and routinely takes out multiple awards annually for their achievements and excellence within real estate. They were frustrated with the amount of time and effort they were expending to promote new listings and re-purpose user generated content. They needed a solution that was fast, simple and didn't require onerous approvals and contributions form their own team to maintain, they need a solution that was smart enough to carry on on their absence. 

The solution need to be able to provide consistency and be able to cope with many social channels ma message across all thri channels whilst being respectful of each network’s unique content content requirements.

In addition to these requirements their CEO also required a personalised service where by he could forward emails and other information with minimal instruction and know the it would be reworked into content for their social channels without the need for approval.


Social Estate was able to provide Strathfield with a cost effective managed social media solution across 8 social media channels. Our proprietary social media management system meant that the content being produced by the business could be re-purposed for social channels at scale and distributed to all 8 channels in a very consistent and organic way. 

Strathfield had 4 existing social profiles which we’re reworked and another four profiles were created from scratch for the CEO. 

Strathfield’s existing customer database was used to build a targeted advertising audience, to help them grow their audience. 
The CEO was provided with a dedicated email address to which he could forward information and request.


Within days Strathfield was publishing bespoke branded content, listing and sales results to 8 social channels daily. The CEO was able to finally see information that was previously stuck in his inbox being published across their social channels. Many of their customers who had never received a request to follow their brand we now being promoted and taking up the offer growing their audience.

Website: http://www.strathfieldpartners.com.au


McGrath - Pymble

Matthew Lorimer of McGrath need someone to take care of everything, he had promoted property's in the past but received few enquires. The Ad metrics always always looked impressive but enquiries remained very low if any.


We provided thew with our social listing promotion product which guarantees genuine enquires complete with contact details for each follow up.


Campaign Budget 1k
Leads Generated 70

Harcourts - Wodonga


Harcourts Wodonga wanted a cheaper and more effective way to generate new enquiries to the business from local owner occupiers and interstate investors.


The solution was use a Facebook Lead Ad to take advantage of the incredibly accurate audience targeting, allow the the Ad to be delivered to exactly the the right audience every time at a minimal cost.

A targeting brief was developed with the clients detailed understanding of their target market which was then adapted and optimised as the campaign run.


Leads came in of unparalleled quality for a cost compared to previous PPL models. The feedback from the client was that leads were highly qualified with a number ready to proceed preliminary design consultations.


Budget $500

Lead Generated 45